Our speakers, panelists, and workshop presenters

  1. Andre Vornbrock
  2. Attacus
  3. Connor & Emily Morrison
  4. Jaakko Fagerlund
  5. Jek Hyde
  6. Jos Weyers & Holly Poer
  7. Peter Field & Lucas Zhao
  8. Matt Smith
  9. Peter Field

Speaker details

  1. hackergotchi of Andre Vornbrock Andre Vornbrock

    Discovered MCS vulnerabilities - background in high security NDE

    Talk High Security Lockpicking

    Practical applications for how to pick nearly any high security lock with a sidebar. The main focus of the talk will center around the legendary MCS lock and it’s newly published vulnerabilities.

  2. hackergotchi of Attacus Attacus

    Attacus was born 1757 during a full moon. She is currently an internet gremlin at Assurance and in her spare time enjoys licking poisonous wallpaper and patting dogs

    Talk How to Disappear Completely

    If you’ve ever wanted an invisibility cloak, this talk is for you.

    Cameras peer at us from street corners, from phones, from the dashes of passing cars, and from shopping mall advertisements. Even when you’re not posing for a selfie, you might end up in the background of someone else’s picture while you’re out at dinner – and if that photograph is uploaded to a social media site, facial recognition can pick you out of the lineup. Machines are getting better at recognising our faces – but if you want to sneak through the streets of your city like a young wizard in the corridors after midnight, there is still hope. This talk provides an overview of the latest urban camouflage technology and how to deploy it in order to foil facial recognition. During this session you’ll learn the ways machines “see” us, and how to play with them in order to become invisible. We’ll dive into the ethics of biometric identification. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can have fun with reflective tape and face paint to disguise yourselves from the algorithmic eye.

  3. hackergotchi of Connor & Emily Morrison Connor & Emily Morrison

    This brother and sister duo are all about learning new ‘life skills’. Having discovered lock picking and tamper evident at a really early age, they have made it their mission in life to bypass all the controls. When they finally make it to high school, if the pool on the roof has a leak, that door wont stop them getting back down.

    Talk Tamper Resistance Bypasses

    Be prepared to delve into the realm of tamper resistance by-passes with this interactive presentation. Having discovered tamper-resistance by-passes over a year ago, Connor and Emily wish to share their enthusiasm and experiences in bypassing a variety of tamper resistance devices. In doing so, demonstrarting that tamper resistance really is just child’s play.

    The presentation will demonstrate the use of a number of solvents and their application to tamper resistance by-passes and as well basic hand-cuff and cable tie removal. A must-see presentation for those wanting to get into tamper-proof by-passing.

  4. hackergotchi of Jaakko Fagerlund Jaakko Fagerlund

    Tool/die maker by profession, lockpick designer, safe cracker as a side job and very much into electronics and coding and combining all these to make whatever comes to mind

    Talk Manipulation aids in opening safe locks

    An analysis of weaknesses present in typical mechanical safe combination locks and how to exploit them to gain knowledge of the combination by using electronic measuring tools and PC software.

  5. hackergotchi of Jek Hyde Jek Hyde

    Jek is an analyst specializing in physical infiltration and social engineering for the Walmart Red Team. She enjoys spreading the InfoSec gospel by sharing stories of how access controls can be bypassed by exploiting the weakest link in the security chain: You. When Jek isn’t burgling, she lifts heavy things, eats sweet potatoes, and jumps in mud puddles with her kids

    Talk Keynote


  6. hackergotchi of Jos Weyers & Holly Poer Jos Weyers & Holly Poer

    Jos is the World Record Holder at impressioning and holds several international championship titles. Holly is an American based locksmith and won 2nd in the 2016 USA Championships, making her the fastest American

    Workshop Impressioning with Jos Weyers and Holly Poer

    This is a very special workshop on impressioning, a covert entry technique used to generate a working key for a lock given only information obtained by manipulating a blank key in a lock. Unlike lockpicking, impressioning creates a fully working key for the lock which can be used to lock and unlock the cylinder at will. With practice, this technique can consistently create a key in 10-15 minutes ( and potentially faster! ). This will be a full, hands-on workshop on this technique.

    → Twitter: @josweyers

  7. hackergotchi of Peter Field & Lucas Zhao Peter Field & Lucas Zhao

    Peter is Director of Research at Medeco Security Locks & Lucas is a Chinese and Asian lock researcher and aficionado

    Talk Interesting Chinese Cylinder Innovations

    Many of the locks that have been manufactured and sold in China represent significant cylinder inventions that areoften overlooked. Using photographs, illustrations and video animations, we will evaluate several clever cylinder ideas and see how they have been manufactured, modied and incorporated into other models. We will also introduce some new products recently developed in China.

    → Twitter: @TheUrbanHawk

  8. hackergotchi of Matt Smith Matt Smith

    Security subversionist, inveigler, finagler, blaggard, 7th gen locksmith, toolmaker, goalkeeper. Physical 0-days. Abloy NDE training. BSc (hons) Comp Sc. Fin.

    Talk Adventures in Discworld

    Disc detainer locks form a small, but fascinating area within the locksport world. This talk will shed some light on the operation and vulnerabilities of several high security mechanisms in use today, including locks made by Abus and Abloy. It will also cover several techniques on how to NDE them and some of the NDE countermeasures employed by lock makers.

    This talk will draw on my limited but useful experience as a lockpicker and toolmaker, specialising in disc detainer locks.

  9. hackergotchi of Peter Field Peter Field

    Director of Research at Medeco Security Locks

    Talk Elements of Lock Cylinder Design Cylinders & Keys made with Moveable Elements

    Elements of Lock Cylinder Design is an overview of the parts or elements that make a lock cylinder, and the comparison of how variations in the individual elements can increase or decrease the security of the lock.

    By analyzing the components in a cylinder, it is possible to develop a summary of the security rating of the lock. We will use illustrations and photographs of the cylinder to understand how various locks operate.

    Cylinders and Keys made with Moveable Elements is a historical study of locks that are operated by keys with moveable components. In the late 1900s there was a rapid development of locks with mechanically complex keys.

    We will use illustrations and photographs to see what the lock and keys look like, how they operate and estimatewhat security they provide.