The Future Of OzSecCon 


Hello everyone. 

It's been a while hasn't it? Lots has happened in the past couple of years. Turns out that going on hiatus for 2020 was lottery-winning levels of good luck. 

We've been staying safe and keeping busy, I hope you all have too. 

The update

We've had a lot of people reach out and ask what's next? When will OzSecCon run again? What is the plan? 

Well. The short version is, we're aiming for 2023 at this stage. Around mid-year, as per usual. 

The long version is that we're pretty heavily affected by international happenings. A large portion of the fantastic speakers we get each year have come from Europe, Asia, North America and New Zealand. Flight prices are more expensive than they used to be. Best guess seems to be around 20% more expensive. 2019 was the first time we didn't loose money running the conference, however, running the numbers, the increased cost of the flights will put us solidly back in the red. We have some options, increasing ticket prices, finding more amazing sponsors to help support us, and running more training to help offset those costs. If you are interested in arranging sponsorship or running training at the conference, please get in touch with us!  

There's also the ever present fear of lockdowns and new variants of COVID-19 sneaking up on us and scuttling our plans and plans need to be made that can minimize the risks of this causing major disruption. 

We have considered going 'digital' and running the conference online, but the overwhelming preference is stillto run an in person conference as it's hard to do hands on workshops on physical security topics and to interact with other delegates in a meaninful capacity via a virtual conference. 

So with all that said, we will see what 2022 brings us and how the world adapts. If everything calms down and the future is looking good, we'll go full steam ahead to make the next OzSecCon the best one yet.

We miss all of our international friends and we can't wait to catch up in person again. We've been keeping an eye on the amazing new research and development in the physical security and red-team spaces, there's already a handful of talks lined up for when things get going again. 

You may have noticed there have been some issues with our web-hosting, the original site will be back online sooner or later, with the original content restored as well. 

In the meantime, there's videos on YouTube and any updates and announcements will be posted up on Twitter.

That's all for now. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 


PS. Check out if you're looking for some lock and physical security content. Also hop on the Locksport discord if you want to chat with other people from OzSecCon and the community at large.

Posted: 14/03/2022

Updated: 27/6/2022

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